I Never Have To Learn Anything New Again. . .

I’ve been working on my MBA for two and a half years now.  Yesterday I finished.  It’s as simple as that three worded sentence.  I sat for my last exam at 8:00 am, wrote for four hours, finished and handed it in.  When I walked out of the exam room I was partially expecting Ed McMann and the Prize Patrol.  Well, or maybe just something or someone to mark this occasion as momentous.  It was strange to complete something that’s taken so long, cost a lot of money, and so often been the end of many sentences. . . “I wish I could go, but I have school”.  Since Ed McMann and the prize patrol failed to get the memo about my completion of my MBA, I walked off campus and bought myself a cookie to celebrate.  When I got home I found a few of my roommates and coerced them into going to The Malmo for a beer.  The Malmo is a little værtshus (read: dodgy pub where old danish men go to smoke cigarettes and drink beer during the day.) right below my apartment.  We went around 1:00 pm, which is prime time for The Malmo.  We sat in this smoke filled pub and enjoyed our 17 kroner beer.  One of my roommates lifted her glass and made a toast to all of us being done finals and to me for never having to learn anything else ever again.  I’m not sure if she meant to be funny or if the way she translated from Italian just came out that way.*  But nevertheless, it was such a funny toast to make.  

We sat around The Malmo for about an hour and returned to our residence to watch ELF.  Everyone decided it would be good to rest up in the afternoon since we would be going out that night for our Italian roommate’s Danish Birthday (her real birthday is December 23rd, but we’ve decided that birthdays happen a few days earlier in Denmark.) and my Dutch roommate’s last night in Copenhagen.  All in all, the cookie, a beer, and ELF with some foreigners. . . not a bad way to wrap up my MBA.  Maybe I really do know it all now?  

*  I speak of translations this way because my Italian roommate was commenting on how some days she feels like she can’t speak English and other days she can’t speak Italian.  She told me that she was so confused the other day when her phone rang that she couldn’t remember if she should answer in English or Italian.  Instead of saying “Hello” she answered her phone with a nice polite and enthusiastic “Yeah!”.  I guess this is the cross between an english and italian phone greeting.

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