One Month Later

I’ve decided to wrap up my life in Denmark with a final post.  It has been one month since I’ve returned to the motherland and yet I still miss my life in Copenhagen a bit.  Life was extremely simple there.  My biggest worry in the week was going to the grocery store.  (I still was very stressed about being able to bag my own groceries fast enough.  Never failed, every time I went I would see the new purchases of the person behind me in line come sailing down the belt.  I’d scramble to get out of their way.)  As worries go, I think if that was my biggest worry I was doing pretty good in life.  

So my last days in Copenhagen consisted of a lot of goodbyes.  It was sad to see the people I’d come to know as friends leave with their suitcases and head to the airport each day.  As we’d say goodbye I would wonder if we’d keep in touch or if this friendship would be one that remains in my memory.  Of course the night before each goodbye we’d head out trying to create the best night ever.  These consisted of some long nights, heading out to places we’d loved and last ditch efforts to get to the places we’d talked about all semester.  The day before I boarded a plane to come home I went to Louisiana with my Danish family.  Bjorn, Irena, and Jacob picked me up and we headed north on Sealand.  Louisiana is a beautiful museum in Denmark known for it’s modern art, architecture, and beautiful view of the Øresund Sound and Sweden.  I am not typically a modern art person, but I found the entire package interesting and beautiful.  If you find yourself in Denmark, Louisiana is a must see.  

After a nice dinner, my family dropped me off at home for my last evening in Copenhagen.  I was all packed so I headed up stairs to see what the few remaining people were doing this evening.  We decided to head to Tryk bar for a beer and fooseball.   On the way home we hit up the ice skating rink to shoe skate at 2:00 a.m.  We returned back to our apartment and sat in the kitchen on the second floor.  The night grew later and later and no one wanted to be the first to go to bed.  Around 5 a.m. I decided I would fold first and head to bed.  I said my goodbyes to everyone and headed to my room for my last sleep in my twin bed.  

The next day, Bjorn and Irena picked me up to drive me to the airport.  I was a little teary eyed in the car.  My time in Denmark had gone so fast.  It felt like weeks before I had just arrived.  But it was time to come home.  I said goodbye – well more of a see you later – to Bjorn and Irena.  I had some time to kill so I had my last Julbyrg in the airport. . .  I miss that beer.  I boarded the plane and headed back to the USA.

The holidays were great and it was wonderful to be with family and friends.  One month later I look back on my time in Denmark fondly.  I will go back again one day.  I’ll sit outside and read along Nyhavn.  I’ll walk all of Stoget popping in and out of quaint little shops.  I’ll enjoy a meal outside no matter what the weather.  I’ll have a beer outside while people watching.  I’ll have a good dinner with close friends while toasting a glass of Aalborg.  I’ll sit back and relax. . . because if I learned anything in Denmark it is to enjoy life and the simple things.

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