Daily Archives: December 3, 2008

Can I Please Have a Learning Disorder?

It’s the start of finals here in lovely Denmark.  This week I have three finals of various varieties.  I just completed a 48 hour 10 page take home exam for a leadership course.  Tomorrow I have a 4 hour written (literally hand-written.  If I want to type the exam I have to supply my own printer. . . and wouldn’t you know it I forgot to pack that!) exam for Social Entrepreneurship.  And Friday I have the written portion of my Danish exam followed by the oral portion on Monday.  (I can’t believe I have to learn the danish language in 48 hours!)

Anyway, I’m sitting here. . . obviously procrastinating because I’m writing this instead of figuring out what Social Return on Investment is. . . and it has begun to snow again!  Now I can’t help staring out the window at the lovely snow and thinking how beautiful it is here in Copenhagen.  I should look up what Christmas stuff is going on in the Copenhagen This Week guide book.  That means I have to go to the kitchen to get the guide book.  Maybe someone will be in the kitchen that wants to split a pot of coffee with me?  Maybe I should get something to eat while I’m there too.  Man I need to do Christmas shopping for everyone at home.  I hope that stuff fits in my suitcase.  I wonder what it would cost to ship stuff home.  I should check that out online right now.  Oh I should check and see what the weather will be like tomorrow too.  Oh wait, I’m in Copenhagen. . . weather is always cold and dark.  No need to check.  Oh wait, look a shiny object!  I should stare at the snow some more . . .

This is what I have done for the past hour instead of studying.  I seriously think I have some sort of ADD.  Or maybe I have OCD?  What other acronyms could I use to blame my severe lack of concentration on?  Ok well I guess I should get back to it.  I hope everyone in America is more productive then me today!