Dutch Goodbyes

Last Wednesday was quite a long day.  It began with me finishing my last final for my MBA at 8:00 am.  Next I coerced some friends to go to The Malmo for drink.  This was followed by watching Elf and then a quick nap.  This evening we would be celebrating Giulia’s Danish birthday and Willemijn’s last night in Copenhagen.  We all headed to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner around 8:00 pm.  The restaurant was quite nice and the food was definitely better than what I’ve been cooking lately.  (In attempts to eat everything in my cabinet and not throw anything away I’ve been whipping up some pretty weird dishes.  Note to self – rice goes a long way.  I’ve had rice with “fill in the blank” all week.)  Anyway, after a wonderful Italian meal we headed back towards Nyhavn and city center to go out for the night.  Our first stop was LA Bar.  Yes yes, I think it’s a bit tacky to go to a bar in Copenhagen called LA Bar, but it is cheap and lots of students go there on Wednesdays.  So we headed in, found a good spot and settled in for a few beers.  At first the place was kind of empty, but quickly we began to realize that everyone in Copenhagen seemed to have the same plans for their evening as us.  The LA Bar became as crowded at the freeways in LA. . . so I guess the name was suitable.  It was some sort of CBS exchange student reunion.  I saw people there that I hadn’t seen since the first week of school.  A few people I ran into were quite emotional with the goodbyes.  “Keep in touch.”  “You have to come visit me.”  “We really should plan a reunion.”  To which I thought, “I haven’t seen you since August at orientation week.  Um so probably no on the reunion thing.”  But I guess in a way it is a nice idea to think I’d see everyone that I’ve met here again, even if it was just waiting in line at the first club we all went to in August.  

A few other of my friends and I decided it was a bit claustrophobic in LA Bar so we headed next door for a beer and to gain a bit more real estate.  Next door Helena and I ended up with prime real estate at the bar!  We struck up a conversation with a few Danes.  For some reason Helena told them I was from Norway.  She must be an exceptional liar because no one believed that I was from the United States.  Eventually I had to pull out my US Drivers license to prove my nationality.  I pretty sure these Danes had been out for a while, so I’m sure under normal circumstances they would have never thought I was from Norway.  Although once they really believed I was an American there was a strange fascination with if I’ve ever seen Zoolander.  Not really sure why.  

After we wrapped up our entirely confusing Danish, Norwegian, American, Zoolander conversation, Helena and I headed to Sam’s Bar to meet our roommates.  Sam’s Bar is a notorious tourist trap on the main walking street.  You can go there to meet some Americans, pay half a month’s rent for a beer, or most importantly – sing Karaoke.  We went to support Sarah, Will, Giulia, and Helena’s singing debut in Denmark.  After a some bad singing we decided to call it a night.  The Dutch goodbye night was the longest yet.  We went from a classy dinner to a crammed tacky bar to being Norwegian to perfecting Billy Joel’s Piano Man.  Most people don’t know how long it would take you to complete all of the above. . . let me tell you. . . it takes 9 hours to check everything off of that checklist.  We wandered in together at 5 a.m. and all promised to be up to say goodbye to Will the next day.  So in all seriousness, the Dutch goodbye is a challenge of will power and perseverance.

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