Monthly Archives: June 2009

And Then I Met Jim From “The Office”. . .

I purchased tickets to a film screening a few weeks ago.  I didn’t know the movie title, plot, or who was in it. . . I just thought the idea of saying I was going a film screening sounded cool.  So Missy and I headed to BAM, a local theater in brooklyn, one fine Saturday evening.  We were running a bit late so we ended up finding seats in the second row from the front.  Necks craned, the movie began and we were informed the movie we would be viewing was “Away We Go”.  This is Sam Mendes’ newest film written by David Eggers and his wife and staring John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph.  For knowing nothing about the movie beforehand I somehow managed to pick a great one! 

After the film finished the lights came up and a young woman came down the front of the theater to let everyone know to stay in their seats.  There would be a Q&A with the screenwriters and some of the cast.  Before I knew it, Missy and I were sitting ten feet from John Krasinski.  I could not believe it.  He was just as funny and charming as his character in the movie and Jim from the office.  The screenwriters were speaking about the process of writing the script and insiration for the various characters in the film.  I was listening, but kept thinking to myself, “Don’t be creepy.  Stop staring at John Krasinkski.  Look at people who are talking.  Don’t be socially awkward.”  I tried my best.  This was my first famous person sighting in NY. 

The Q&A session lasted about an hour and then the crowd was dismissed.  A flood of girls ran to the front of the auditorium to get autographs and pictures with the cast.  Missy and I decided to go against our 14 year old school girl instincts and left the theater with grace.  Once outside of the theather Missy turns to me and says “Dude, I kept thinking to myself ‘don’t raise your hand and ask him if he likes short blondes with glasses who are quirky and slightly crazy.”  I was proud of her restraint in the situation.  It is amazing how we are two grown women, but the whole way home we talked like girls in middle school about how cool it was to be within spitting distance of someone famous.