About Me

Hometown:  Bel Air, MD

I currently live in NEW YORK CITY

1st Car:  1990 Toyota Corolla – when it died on the side of I-95 I thought I would miss it. . .so I bought another Corolla. . . and then sold it to my parents.

Education:  Whatever the University of Maryland throws my way.  I went there for undergrad and am back there now getting my MBA.

Likes and Dislikes: 

  • I love grilled cheese sandwiches. . . not sure when I developed this strong connection. . .but it’s there.
  • I dislike pants that are too short for people’s legs.
  • I love a good beer. . . or a $2 PBR.  A girl’s gotta have a budget.
  • I dislike crowds.  I’m getting old.  I don’t like to wait in lines or manage a crowd. 
  • I love being outside. . . I’m dreaming of being at the beach right now as I sit at my desk .
  • I dislike when people assume. . . don’t you remember “it only makes an ass of u and me.”  ok – I really actually dislike people who use that phase. . .
  • I love my friends.  They are by far the funniest people I’ve ever met.  The extensive level of wit amazes me on a daily basis.
  • I dislike pickles, mayo, and mustard.  (kind of unamerican if you ask me, but I didn’t get to pick my taste buds.)
  • I love my family as well.  These people are fun, energetic, and definitely keep me on my toes.  
  • I dislike real shoes. . . I think they look nice, but please give me my flip flops.  (I’m starting a petition to add flip flops to the definition of Business Casual.)
  • I like the unusual.  God forbid I try to do things the conventional way.
  • I dislike putting my folded laundry away.  Why won’t my clothes just hop back into the drawers? 
  • I like airports.  Not sure why. . . even after being stuck in the Kansas City Airport for 12 hours I still like airports.  hmm.

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