Danish Final

I just sat for the written part of my Danish Language final. I was asked to write a letter to a dear friend inviting them on a trip to Rome for a summer holiday. I was supposed to talk about the weather, what we could do there, and what we would eat. My first clue that this would be a tough letter to write was the fact that I didn’t know what “dear,” was in Danish. hmmmm.
Basically I wrote to my new fake best friend, Gitte. I asked her how her family was and told her I was planning a trip to Rome. I asked her if she would like to come because I know she likes cannoli and pasta. This was the most simply worded and stereotypical letter about Italy possible.
Thank goodness I won’t need to know Danish for my next job. Oh and now I think the oral portion of this exam on Monday will be comical. Some of my roommates want to try and videotape it so they can watch and laugh later. . .

One response to “Danish Final

  1. Good luck. It’s a tough language. Men hvis du praktiser meget, det bliver nemmer. Venlig hilsen!

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